Vivian Xiao

Ph.D. Candidate, Organizational Behavior




Vivian Xiao is a sixth-year Ph.D. candidate in Organizational Behavior at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. She received her B.A. in Psychology (with Honors) and English, magna cum laude, from Rice University in 2016.​


Vivian’s work explores how race and gender interact to impact a wide range of social and organizational outcomes. Current work includes how race impacts evaluations of woman leaders, when and how opportunities for voicing are linked to greater feelings of inclusion among women and racial minority workers, and how the content of gender role expectations varies within different racial groups. Vivian’s dissertation focuses on how the racial group memberships of evaluators and targets jointly affect evaluations of women’s gendered behavior. She finds that women of all races receive more backlash for violating gender norms from racial in-group members than racial out-group members, and explores the implications of this work in the context of accusations of sexual assault, political behavior, and leader evaluation. 




Xiao, V.L., Lowery, B.S., & Stillwell, A. (forthcoming). Gender Backlash and the Moderating Role of Shared Racial Group Membership. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.


Xiao, V.L. & Lowery, B.S. Who are You to Me?: Exploring Individuals’ Implicit Associations between Race and Gender Roles. Preparing for submission; target journal: Journal of Personality and Social Psychology


Xiao, V.L., Corrington, A.R., Hebl, M.R., & Phillips, C. Knowing Your Worth: Race and Gender Differences in Personal Entitlement. Preparing for submission.


Xiao, V.L. (in press). Gender, Race, and Intersectionality in the Workplace. In Gurung, R.A.R. (Ed.), Routledge Encyclopedia of Psychology in the Real World. Cambridge, UK: Routledge.


Xiao, V.L. (in press). Deliberate Inclusion: Considering Underrepresented Perspectives in Psychology. In King, E., Roberson, Q.M., & Hebl, M.R. (Eds.), Research on Social Issues in Management (Vol. The Future of Diversity & Inclusion). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. 


(* denotes shared first authorship, authors listed in alphabetical order)

Xiao, V.L. & Lowery, B.S. Is She Worthy?: The Impact of Shared Racial Group Membership on Helping Behaviors towards Women.

Xiao, V.L. & Lowery, B.S. Setting Him Up for Success (or Failure): Motivated Evaluations of White and Black Male Leaders’ Effectiveness. 

Stillwell, A.*, Xiao, V.L.*, & Martin, A.E. A Comparative Study of Masculinity and Femininity Beliefs Across Racial Groups.

Fa-Kaji, N.M.*, Xiao, V.L.*, Lide, C., & Flynn, F.J. The Impact of Employee Voice on Perceived Inclusion and Performance. 


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